Captain Fin Panda Twin + Trailer (Single Tab)

Captain Fin Panda Twin + Trailer (Single Tab)

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Captain Fin Panda Twin + Trailer (Single Tab)


Template: Drive—great hold and drive for modern twins in good waves.

Construction: Fiberglass

Flex: Stiff

Compatibility: Futures

The Panda twin with trailer is a large, upright performance twin made in solid glass for a consistent controlled flex. This template has been designed to work in the Panda Shiitake and Dolly Dagger models or any modern performance twins to provide drive and control. There’s extra flex in the tip for springing in and out of turns as well as a large base for use as a simple twin. The mini stabilizer keeps the tail engaged to prevent sliding out and add more control and pivot.

Fin Specification Front Rear
Area 21.28" 5.32"
Height 5.58" 2.63"
Base 5.2" 2.82"
Foil Flat 50/50